Artist Statement:

These installation paintings continue Tori Lynn Allen’s diaristicly focused work in a more literal way. To fully appreciate the piece, the viewer must replicate the pose of the artist. The viewer sees themselves just as Allen saw herself when creating the piece. Her diary entry jumps out at the viewer, who will be fully immersed in the work when sharing Allen’s outline. As the viewer reads, the entry becomes more intense, and the words lock the viewer in place. Because the viewer is inhabiting Allen’s figure, they will empathize with her, and the painting will evoke powerful emotions, whether the viewer likes it or not.


Feminist Theory (15 October 2020 03:05)

15 October 2020 03:05 Recently I’ve been wondering about if my achievements are real or not. Im well aware Im attractive & I know that gives me privilege but how much? Have I earned any of this or did my tits? Sometimes I wish I was ugly just to know if its all real. I really love myself these days which is vastly different from a few years ago. Maybe Im just a vain slut. Thats another thing no matter how many times I tell myself its not my fault a part of me still wonders if I brought it on. I know I didnt but it still makes me wonder. I just want to enjoy how I look naked without being a vain slut. I straight up look like an Impressionist Venus and damnit Im sexy and curvy and fuck you for making me question the love I feel towards myself.


30 September 2020 17:16

30 September 2020 17:16 I still can’t figure if I’m lazy or if I’m just so scared to fail that I can’t even get myself to even start a painting.

Dreamland (09 August 2020 21:27)

09 August 2020 21:27 I can’t figure out who I am Am I just some guy’s girlfriend? Sometimes I wonder if thats it for me. Not sure if I’m a painter or another bitch on Instagram. Dreamland reminds me I don’t know Do you know? “Sometimes we search for that chaos” I don’t know if I’m scared, lost, or fucking crazy. It’s all so incredibly loud… I want to go to grad school but I’m lost on whether I’m actually creative or if I just copy Glass Animals and call it unique. Maybe I’m just too anxious, lazy, and sad for any of it, it’s not even what the song is about but maybe I should go to Hawaii. Am I anything without him? Maybe I’m just drunk… well I am drunk but I want to be on his chest. Maybe I love you maybe I love me. For now, never leave me. Sometimes all I think about is you late nights in the middle of June Fuck it. Don’t leave I think I’m just drunk and scared. 06 September 2020 21:56 I still have no fucking clue. 

26 May 2020 03:22 am

26 May, 2020 03:22am I think quarantine is really getting to me.

30 May 2020 8:30 pm

May 30, 2020 8:30pm I understand that I will never understand. However, I stand. #BlackLivesMatter

26 May 2020 12:47-09:51 am

26 May 2020 12:47am Apparently it's week 09. I haven't done anything since week 02. Still haven't received anything from unemployment. I have ~200 dollars left. I'm really scared I'm going to get sick but I'm out of options. I'm trying to get a job. I have an interview with the hospital tomorrow to be a screener which takes peoples temperatures and asks them about COVID symptoms I wish I could fuck it up but I have no choice. I’m really scared I’m going to die. 03:32am I think quarantine is really getting to me I really want to punch a Republican. How are we a first world nation run by a literal comic book villain w/a gang of fucking morons. HOW THE FUCK DO I CONVINCE PEOPLE TO CARE ABOUT SOMEONE OTHER THAN THEMSELVES It truly baffles me. 09:51am Once again I’ve woken up incredibly angry.